Accredited Buyer’s Representative Designation - ABR V.2

6 modules



Course Length
12 hours

REALTORS Real Estate School

$280 - 305


The goal of the ABR® two-day designation course is to educate and prepare buyer’s reps to provide the top-notch service and fidelity to buyers and to offer methods for building your buyer representation business. In each course module, you will examine a different topic and ultimately create a comprehensive guide to help you become an effective, efficient and profitable buyer’s representative.


  • Get referrals from the ABR community.

  • Be recognized as a true professional in the area of buyer representation.

  • Master the latest information, trends, ideas and controversies in the field.

  • Access marketing tools designed especially to enable you to attract buyer clients.

  • Be included in the nation’s largest directory of professional buyer reps.

  • Have your name visible daily on the Internet.

  • Attain the most coveted designation in the field of buyer representation.

  • Elect basic and advanced training options to help you succeed.


By purchasing this course, you acknowledge and accept CAR's school policies. Click here to view the school policies. 


Requirements to attain and use the ABR® designation:

  1. Meet the REBAC® education requirement – complete a 2-day ABR Designation Course.

  2. Complete one elective course.

  3. Obtain practical experience acting as a buyer’s representative in 5 documented and verifiable transactions (transactions that occurred anytime prior and up to 36 months after course completion).

  4. Be a member in good standing with REBAC® and the National Association of REALTORS® at all times.

In addition to successfully completing the ABR 2-day course, student must successfully take and complete one elective course. We do not offer all elective courses at all times. If you do not see a course you’d like to take, please visit the REBAC Web site at for a complete list of national course offerings.

After completing this two-day course, you will have achieved ABR® “Candidate Status”, a three-year period during which you must fulfill the remaining ABR® Designation requirements in order to earn your ABR® Designation. The two-day course covers agency, service delivery, marketing and promotion, and negotiation and risk management.

Learning Credits


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Classroom - February 21-22, 2023
Live Webinar - February 21-22, 2023
Classroom - November 20-21, 2023
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