Divorce Real Estate Foundations | Self-Paced V.3

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3 hours

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When a couple divorces, they put the family home on the market and divide the proceeds. How do you work with clients who are going through or have gone through the divorce process? What information do you need to navigate this growing area of real estate? 

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  1. Identify potential obstacles when working with divorcing homeowners.
  2. Identify the difference between selling a divorce property and a traditional sale.
  3. Apply strategies for helping people reach agreement during the listing and sale process.


3 Hours Elective CE Credit


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Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand basic divorce/real estate terminology and apply in a case study.
  2. Identify how divorce real estate transactions differ from standard transactions.
  3. Describe the differences between title ownership vs. mortgage obligations.
  4. Discuss how the role the real estate broker plays in this unique transaction.
  5. Develop strategies for avoiding pitfalls.
  6. Define the preventative steps to take with pre-listing/active listings.
  7. Prepare for the divorce listing appointment.
  8. Apply a strategy once the listing is live.


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Online_Divorce_Trascript - 564.003539

Learning Credits

CE Self-Paced Course Overview
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Meet the Authors of Divorce Real Estate Foundations
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Divorce 101
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Added 4 months ago, by Anonymous
The quizzes for each section are poor and incomplete. The material is straight-forward and basic, and it has some good tips for brokers.
Added 6 months ago, by Anonymous
Some of the answers example "Choice 1, Choice 2, and Choice 3" wasn't clear within some questions.
Added 7 months ago, by Laura
Difficult to take quizzes because answer choices were blank
Added 7 months ago, by Margaret
Added 7 months ago, by Monica
Added 7 months ago, by Nicole
Added 7 months ago, by Steven
Very Informative.
Added 7 months ago, by Ryan
Added 7 months ago, by AARON
Many, many questions on each of the quizzes had missing or placeholder multiple choices and only read "Choice 1" or "Choice 2," etc. In many cases, the correct answer was actually a placeholder choice, meaning getting the correct answer was only possible by deduction or luck. For the amount these courses cost, CAR needs to proofread before publishing! I have screenshots of several examples if you would like to see them yourself.
Added 8 months ago, by Isiah J
The course was very informational and educational. There were some issues though in terms of a few questions not having a valid answer to choose from. For example, for some questions, two answers would actually have words that could be chosen and the other two would just say answer 1 or answer 2. This made it difficult to answer some questions.

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